Connect the speakers: Scott Curcio on team compensation structure

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Connect the speakers: Scott Curcio on team compensation structure

Scott Curcio, a team leader and broker associate at Baird & Warner, has been running a team for about three years and has a definite opinion about commission splits: “I think the splits are too high,” he explains. “When someone comes to you as a team leader, there’s a reason they aren’t running their own team. I have to look at the benefits that my agent gets and understand what value I’m giving them.”

He’ll explain how he came to this conclusion (and why) in a panel discussion on the Teams Track at Inman Connect San Francisco, July 17 through 20 at the Hilton San Francisco Union Square. It’s just one part of the week-long programming, networking and events specifically geared toward real estate professionals.

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Curcio has high expectations of his team members, but he also knows that if there’s a problem, they’re going to look to him to help solve it. “Your time is valuable,” he argues. “An agent is probably going to get a lower split with me than they would being a singular agent at the brokerage,” he notes, “but they’re going to get a lot more business on my team than they would being a singular agent.”

He also incentivizes agents by promising higher splits and bonuses if they’re able to meet certain goals. He’s very clear about the support and marketing that the team provides for agents, and as a result, he’s built a team of agents who like his terms and are willing to work hard to make things happen.

See Curcio on a panel of other team leaders (with different opinions about agent compensation) at a discussion on stage at Inman Connect San Francisco this summer.

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