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Zillow rolls out Facebook ads for real estate agents

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Many real estate agents use Facebook advertising to drum up low-cost leads. Zillow Group has taken heed. Now it’s bundling Facebook ads into a larger product for some agent advertisers. The listing portal has also…

BuyerPrice brokerage seeks top negotiators to serve app’s buyer leads

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Ask anyone how much something is worth and they’ll tell you “as much as a buyer will pay.” Yet much of the real estate market is driven by sellers’ price…

Kansas City real estate agent arrested for homicide

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Carolyn Heckert’s mugshot. A 27-year-old cold case murder has just seen new activity — and a real estate agent has been arrested as the perpetrator. On Oct. 19, Carolyn Heckert,…

Does a for sale sign mean sellers are liable for injuries?

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Does a for sale sign in front of a house constitute an invitation to walk around the property — and also imply homeowner liability if someone gets hurt doing just…